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The GuGun

The GuGun


It's like airsoft but doesn't hurt

11,000 gel bullets included

2X more range

Mess Free Gel Bullets

Fully Automatic & Battery Rechargeable

available for orders over $50

Money-back Guarantee

3-5 Day US Delivery

Free Shipping

It's like airsoft but it doesn't hurt!

✅ 11,000 gel bullets included
 Shoots well over 100ft.
✅ Mess-Free Gel Bullets
✅ Full automatic & battery rechargable

Money-back Guarantee.

3-5 Day US Delivery.

Free Shipping.

Challenge Family & Friends To A Blastoff!

The GuGun is the most innovative toy blaster ever created!

      Mess-Free Gel Balls

      Just soak our gel balls in water for 2 hours and watch as they expand into large water-filled gel balls.

      They are all-natural, non-toxic , and 100% mess-free. They explode on impact and evaporate in seconds. 

      No more wasting time picking up bullets!

      The GuGun


      The GuGun

      Range of up to 100 feet

      No Mess & No Cleanup

      Includes Batteries

      11,000 bullets included


      Range of less than 50 feet

      Huge mess & hours of cleanup

      Batteries Not Included

      Bullets not included


      Easy to ship & delivered fast.

      Satisfaction or Your Money Back

      Return within 30 days, no questions asked

      Buy Risk-Free

      100% hassle-free refund guarantee.

      Free Shipping

      On All Orders

      Try The GuGun Now! We offer a risk-free money-back guarantee.

      DON'T WAIT!

      Due to high demand we often sell out. If you have any questions, please email us at